30.05.2008 Publications

“Records For The Sake of Life”

“Records For The Sake of Life” – under this motto the 16th charitable and sporting event “Race under Chestnuts” was held in Kiev.

In accordance with the tradition, in the morning of the Day of Kiev, the enthusiasts unified by common objective – to save lives – gather at the country’s main square, in order to support the small patients of the Centre of Cardiology and Cardiosurgery under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The collected funds are being annually channeled for purchasing medicaments and modern equipment; complicated operations are being performed which save children’s lives. Every year, thanks to the charitable actions, more and more patients of the Centre become healthy people. The Baton of Good which the participants of the race carry in the course of the whole 5 km distance, saves lives and inspires hope. Every year sees more and more participants of the race and more saved children!

In this year, a record number of the runners took place in the Race of Good – more than 2500 people started on May 25. The “VENTS” company traditionally did not stay aside and took the most active part in the sporting and charitable event.

The smallest participants of our team are 2, 4 and 5 years old (left is Ira Kolesnichenko, right – Xenia Melnik).
The “VENTS” team has shown a worthy example of the victory will and team spirit!
The first runner from our team to reach the homestretch was Slava Pinchuk (manager of sales department).

The Run for Life does not end and it means in the next year we shall meet again, in order to provide hope and prove once again that Good and Charity will save the world!

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