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Ventilation of the Georgian clinic is provided by VENTS equipment

VENTS equipment is used at various facilities and in different countries. A wide range of products allows the company to offer comprehensive solutions to implement projects of any complexity, including organization of ventilation in medical institutions with increased requirements for air quality parameters. Another example of successful use of VENTS ventilation equipment in clinics is a ventilation project at In Vitro Reproductive Medicine Centre in Tbilisi (Georgia).

The clinic is located in a six- storied building with a total area of ​​12 thousand m2. The ventilation system of the building provides general ventilation in the offices, corridors and clinic wards, ventilation of “clean rooms” (laboratories, operating rooms and maternity units), as well as smoke ventilation. To solve these problems, more than a dozen of AirVENTS air handling units, X-VENT energy saving inline units, VKPF inline centrifugal fans, VCUN centrifugal fan, VKPFI inline sound- and heat-insulated centrifugal fan, KSK sound-insulated kitchen fan, as well as DS slit diffusers were used. For ventilation of “clean rooms”, the equipment was provided with HEPA filters. To remove smoke and create air pressure in case of smoke condition at the premises, VKDV roof-mounted centrifugal fans, VPVO axial pressurization fans, KPDU fire safety dampers, KOM-VO backdraft dampers and various accessories were installed.

Ventilation systems in health facilities are subject to strict requirements, since clean and fresh air is a prerequisite for good health of patients and staff. The air in different clinic departments and premises must comply with certain standards for cleanliness and temperature conditions. That is why arrangement of ventilation in such establishments is a difficult task requiring strict zoning of internal premises and ensuring necessary air exchange therein, while maintaining certain air characteristics. The ventilation project at In Vitro Reproductive Medicine Centre in the Georgian capital was fully implemented using Vents equipment.

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