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In mid-October this year, Ventilation Systems hosted the one-day VENTS FORUM 2023 in Kyiv. The focus of this business event was to discuss current issues of the construction industry in Ukraine and to present the latest developments of VENTS in the field of ventilation.

Ventilation Systems has many years of successful experience in the Ukrainian and global markets, which allows it to monitor the development of ventilation systems every year, analyse current trends and manufacture products that best meet the requirements of the times. Based on this experience, the company’s experts told the forum guests what modern ventilation should be like and what it will be like in the near future.

According to the speakers, the modern market places several basic demands on ventilation equipment, the most important of which are high energy efficiency, modern design and smart technologies. If we analyse the evolution of VENTS ventilation systems, we can see that it is in these areas that the company has been most active in developing and improving. To prove these words, the company’s experts presented to the guests of the forum a series of promising VENTS innovations for centralised and decentralised ventilation, namely the high-tech heat recovery air handling unit Enave-C 100P, the inline fans BOOST and STREAM, the decentralised ventilation unit BREEZY and more.

The advantages of modern VENTS ventilation solutions are best illustrated by the example of the new Enave-C 100P heat recovery air handling unit.

This unit’s high energy saving parameters are achieved through the use of two energy-efficient EC motors with a power consumption of only 38W, an efficient counter-flow heat exchanger with a high heat recovery rate (up to 94 %), and a user-friendly control system that allows the fan speed to be varied according to demand, thus achieving optimum equipment utilisation and reduced energy consumption.

VENTS products should also be aesthetically pleasing to their owners. For this purpose, the company cooperates with the well-known industrial design studio Dmytro Novikov Design. Previously, the results of this cooperation were mainly visible in the domestic ventilation segment, for example in the innovative Design Concept series of designer fans and a number of exhaust fans with stylish cover panels (Wave, Quiet, Casto, etc.). Today, the collaboration with renowned designers also extends to ventilation equipment for commercial and industrial applications. A striking example of such a design is the Enave-C 100P unit, manufactured in a stylish designer casing. It should be noted that the appearance of this unit has not gone unnoticed by professionals: this new VENTS product was awarded the prestigious Design Plus powered by ISH award at this year’s ISH 2023 in Germany.

We should add that the Enave-C 100P air handling unit provides airflow up to 130 m3/h and produces minimal noise – only 16–32 dBA.

Each VENTS product is the result of many years of evolution of ventilation technology and embodies the most advanced technological solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

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