23.02.2011 Publications

HARDI and ASHRAE magazines about VENTS products

VENTS products dynamically invade the US market. The publications in HARDI and ASHRAE magazines, the leading HVAC editions are one more confirmation of the present situation in HVAC segment in the USA.

VENTS – US Company offers a great variety of ventilation equipment and accessories that have already gained the high appraisal of American experts and customers. Among the basic advantages of the VENTS products the experts point out deep expertise, vast experience and high service and maintenance standards.

No wonder that a publication about the mixed flow fan TT was placed in HARDI magazine in the “Star column”. The “Star product” from VENTS combines advantages of the axial and centrifugal fan and is featured with high power and minimum noise level. The intellectual motor and impeller design provide powerful air flow required for operation in extended ventilation systems. The TT fan compact design and easy access to the internals due to a specially designed bracket were highly evaluated.

ASHRAE magazine published a news block about advantages of VENTS inline centrifugal fans. The fans that are already available for selling in more than 90 countries of the world, have finally entered the US market with great success. The fan design ensures high operation characteristics such as low noise level, durability and long failure-free operation. Besides, the experts pointed out exceptionally easy electrical connection of the units equipped with all required components for quick and easy connection to power mains. The fan casing is available in metal and plastic modifications to suit any operation conditions requirements. Low energy demand is a particular issue as this characteristic is especially important for a customer.

The last logical step in description of the TT fan advantages was information about the corporate 5 year warranty period that has already become a quality guarantee and visit card from VENTS.

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