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Ukrainian manufacturer with international name

At the beginning of April the company “Ventilation system” invited the representative of the edition “OVVK” (Heating, Water Supply, Ventilation and Conditioning) to visit their plant which is located 30 km away from Kyiv. Mrs. Tatiana Zakharchenko-Koroleva, the chief editor of “OVVK”, was welcomed by the chief PR-manager, Mrs. Lyudmila Melnik who guided an interesting tour over the plant.

Introduction to the plant started with the visit to the Design Bureau and the Fan Testing Laboratory. These are the birthplaces for the leading engineering solutions, development of the technical innovations that are subsequently implemented in the new equipment. Just during our visit the production engineers and the workers were jointly developing the scheme drawing and testing new equipment.

Further we came to the metalware workshop where the heat was literally burning. A great number of the equipment that was non-stop working for cutting, bending, molding and stamping the metal, came into our view. The workshop is equipped with the entire outfit for the production of metal doors of any complexity. The manufacturing process is fully automated and all the work the operators have to do is to press the required buttons at definite time periods.

The up-to-date logistic center was very impressive – its space was filled with store shelves full of products up to the roof. The handling of the products inside the workshop as well as from one workshop to another is fully automated. Tens of trucks are loaded here and after they start their way to deliver the equipment across the country and abroad.

Then we were visiting the workshop for thermoplastic automatic machines where the plastic details for the domestic ventilation are produced. That is a modern equipment stock consisting of more than 100 thermoplastic automatic machines as well as outfit for mixing granulated material, its drying and automatic supply to the thermoplastic automatic machines. The workers keep the machines operation round the clock. About 10 polymer types of the leading global producers are used in the production process. The equipment has robotic cells for the removal of parts, raw materials charging etc. Application of computer numerical controlled machines provide for possibility for the quick rearranging of the equipment to enable the operating order execution.

The ready made products were exhibited in the Show room where the basic range of products is represented. As of today the company produces more than 65 000 items. Since the very first day of the plant operation the special control quality system based on Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 has been implemented.

The enterprise has all the Ukrainian certificates of conformity and nearly all the European certificates of conformity which made their products called-for more than in 90 countries.
It was very pleasant to see the way the Company “Ventilation systems” takes care of the personnel. The plant has their own canteen with the delicious food and the hostel for the employees from other places. In addition to that, the self-supporting water supply, heating and sewage systems make the enterprise independent on the city.

We had nice impressions after all we had seen and got proud that in Ukraine we have the production plant of such a large scale that equals to the worldwide standards.

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