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Vents fans were selected for organising ventilation in a new residential complex

Products by Ventilation Systems continue to be popular with Ukrainian real estate developers. In particular, another residential complex in Kyiv has been equipped with more than 10 thousand VENTS VN-1 80 centrifugal fans.

The residential complex is located on the left bank of the capital and comprises 33 buildings ranging from 20 to 26 storeys. Each apartment has been equipped with VENTS VN-1 80 high-pressure centrifugal fans with an airflow capacity of up to 150 m3/h. These ventilation units are designed for wall mounting in buildings with a single-pipe ventilation system and are usually installed in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, storage rooms and other spaces.

VENTS VN-1 80 fan boasts a modern minimalist design that allows it to fit perfectly into any interior. The unit is equipped with an energy-efficient three-speed motor that delivers airflows of 63, 102 and 150 m3/h. At the same time, the fan noise level at the maximum speed is only 43.7 dB, which ensures a comfortable environment for people. Vents VN-1 80 fan is also equipped with a gravity check valve that prevents air from entering the room from the outside. The fan is controlled manually from an external switch.

Compact dimensions, modern design, ease of maintenance and low noise level – these are the advantages that make VENTS VN-1 80 fans the optimal solution for use in residential premises and ensure their high popularity on the market.

In addition to wall-mounted fans, the range of VENTS VN series household centrifugal fans also includes VNV-1 80 fan units designed for built-in mounting.

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