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World-class ventilation

The Vents ventilation equipment is used at various facilities in different countries. We have already introduced our readers to some interesting projects – in particular, a premium residential complex in Saudi Arabia, a commercial town in Spain and a cruise ship in Croatia. Continuing the topic, we would like to tell you about other objects that have made their choice in favor of Vents ventilation.


OFFICE 1991,
Oman Business-Centre

Amongst Vents ventilation products customers there are many countries from the Middle East – in particular, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and many others. One of the most interesting projects in this region is the OFFICE 1991 located in Muscat, the capital of Oman. This innovative 13-storey building is a unique composition of concrete, glass and vertical gardens. The building has nine overground floors with 166 office premises and a four-level underground parking.

Given the availability of parking spaces, the developer needed equipment for parking ventilation. Such equipment was ordered from Vents. 32 VENTS JAF-KI-400-2-U-U jet fans were delivered to the facility. Such highly professional equipment is designed for general ventilation of underground and semi-open parking lots, ventilation of tunnels and smoke extraction in case of fire.


Residential Complex, Canada

Vents continues to successfully develop the North American market. The company supplied 232 Frigate ERV 80R and Frigate ERV 120R air handling units to provide ventilation in two multiapartment buildings of the new Valleymede Towers residential complex located in the suburbs of Toronto.

The specificity of this type of houses is that there are no auxiliary rooms for bulky ventilation equipment. That is why, to solve the problem, ceiling-mounted ventilation devices with a low height were required. These requirements are fully met by Frigate units since the heights of the Frigate ERV 80R and Frigate ERV 120R are 214 and 230 mm, respectively.


Residential Complex, Canada

Due to their compact size, Frigate ERV air handling units are becoming more and more popular in the world. Pavilia Park Towers is another new residential complex in the Canadian city of Toronto, which is equipped with 768 Frigate ERV 120S heat recovery units.

When choosing the optimal ventilation solution for this complex, many factors were taken into account, the main of which was the need not only to ensure full air exchange in the premises, but also to keep the height of the suspended ceilings in the apartments unchanged. Due to their compactness, Frigate ERV air handling units best meet these requirements and allow maintaining a comfortable microclimate without reducing the space of living rooms. They operate silently 24/7, supplying clean and fresh air and removing exhaust air. With this ventilation, Pavilia Park Towers residents will always have a healthy and properly balanced microclimate.


Apart-Hotel, Cyprus

Central Park Residence elite apart-hotel is located in the very center of Nicosia. It has its own pool, spa center and 24-hour fitness room. Each of the 37 apartments has a smart home system, and windows and balconies offer a beautiful view to the Central Park and the cultural center of the capital.

Ventilation of apartments, office and public premises of the residential complex is provided by over 60 VENTS TT and VENTS TT PRO inline mixed-flow fans, which were ordered from Ventilation Systems and installed in 2018. Such devices have a capacity of up to 2050 m3/h and are used in supply and exhaust ventilation systems requiring high pressure, powerful air flow and low noise.


Reproductive Medicine Clinic, Georgia

Increased demands are placed on ventilation systems in medical institutions, since clean and fresh air is a prerequisite for maintaining the health of patients and staff. The air in different departments and premises of clinics must comply with certain standards for cleanliness and temperature conditions. That is why, arranging ventilation in such institutions is a difficult task, requiring strict zoning of internal premises and ensuring the necessary air exchange therein while maintaining specific air characteristics. The ventilation project at the In Vitro reproductive medicine clinic in Tbilisi was fully implemented using Vents equipment.

The clinic is located in a six-story building with a total area of 12 thsd. m2. The ventilation system of the building provides general ventilation in offices, corridors and wards of the clinic, to include ventilation of “clean” rooms (i.e., laboratories, operating rooms and maternity wards), and anti-smoke ventilation. To implement the ventilation project, a full range of ventilation solutions from Vents was used: more than a dozen of AirVENTS air handling units, X-VENT energy-saving inline units, VKPF inline centrifugal fans, VCUN centrifugal fan, VKPFI inline centrifugal sound- and heat insulated fan, KSK sound-insulated kitchen fan and DS slot diffusers. To arrange ventilation in “clean” rooms, the equipment was completed with HEPA filters. To remove smoke and create air pressure in case of smoke pollution in the premises, VKDV roof-mounted centrifugal fans, VPVO axial pressure fans, KPDU fire dampers, KOM-VO backdraft dampers and various accessories were installed.

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