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Antibacterial Coating of VENTS Ventilation Products: Say ‘No’ to Germs!

One can hardly confuse a stream of conditioned air with a cool sea breeze. The desire to breathe by the chestful only comes when the air is actually fresh and natural.

This is hardly the case for urban areas where the air is full of hazardous admixtures – from dust and pollen to pathogenic germs – which are especially prominent in closed spaces.

As a rule, being in crowded spaces or even in a typical poorly ventilated flat often causes a trifling ailment, the feeling of discomfort, rapid fatigability and headaches. One of the main culprits is the dirty air which we normally call stale and do our best to get rid of by opening the windows or switching on the air conditioning. Unfortunately, none of these measures can ensure a steady supply of fresh air since the outdoor air in the winter is too cold therefore contributing to the heat losses and heating costs if enjoyed too long whereas in the summer the air outside is just too hot to actually enjoy. Furthermore, a typical air conditioner in fact doesn’t make the indoor air any fresher and just circulates the harmful contamination.

And if some of these contaminants can be ignored with minimal consequences, the effects of germs including disease-producing microbes and fungi can be much more serious. Such pathogens come in a mind-boggling variety which only compares to the multitude of diseases they cause. Since these invisible invaders penetrate the human body through the respiratory tract, contaminated air can adversely affect health by causing ailment and allergy and increasing the risk of lung trouble and other chronic diseases. The risk of airborne pathogens penetrating a healthy human organism drastically increases while being in the same room with people who are ill or while visiting medical facilities.

It goes without saying that a healthy immune system plays a key role in fighting off all sorts of pathogens. However, many underestimate the importance of breathing fresh air. Ensuring a healthy air exchange in the premises by running a supply and exhaust ventilation system is the first step towards reducing the concentration of harmful substances in the air.

VENTS offers a wide range of ventilation equipment for spaces of various size and purpose. The leading trend in the HVAC industry today is energy-efficient ventilation systems with heat recovery.

The heat recovery air handling units made under the VENTS trademark offer a number of competitive advantages including outstanding ventilation quality, high performance efficiency and a long service life of utilizing the heat or cold of the exhaust air and reducing the costs of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. The air directed into the premises via the unit ducts undergoes additional treatment in filters which help to reduce concentrations of harmful admixtures in the supply air.

However, what makes the VENTS units distinctively unique is the antibacterial coating of the heat exchanger and filter surfaces neutralising the majority of the ubiquitous fungi and bacteria.

The antibacterial coating effectively creates a barrier on the air heat exchanger and filter element surfaces completely preventing the formation and activity of germs inside the ventilation unit. Although bacteria demonstrate outstanding adaptability and are prone to mutation the active ingredient of the coating is so persistent that it is also effective against mutated germs. While offering the uncompromising level of protection and being lethal to practically every known fungus or microorganism the antibacterial coating is odourless and completely safe for human health as certified by the expert conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The antibacterial coating used in the VENTS air handling units is water-resistant: feel free to rinse the heat exchanger with a soap solution – the coating will remain intact and effective.

The advantages offered by VENTS air handling units with heat exchangers protected by the antibacterial coating become mission-critical in ventilation solutions for medical facilities. Ventilation systems based on VENTS products ensure a consistently high quality of ventilation and contribute to the reduction of disease-producing germs thereby providing extra health protection.

It is worth mentioning that the air handling units incorporating heat exchangers with antibacterial treatment are designed for a wide range of climatic conditions due to no subzero temperature limitations.

No matter where you live, if you rely on the VENTS TM air handling units to build a ventilation system, you can always count on the guaranteed quality of the equipment components to create a comfortable microclimate in your living and working spaces and supply fresh and germ-free air which our bodies need so much to remain healthy and strong.

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