6.01.2015 New products

The New Arrivals: VUT 160 V EC, VUT 350 VB EC and VUT 550 VB EC Supply and Exhaust Units

Wall-mounted ventilation units installed in kitchens and utility rooms have recently become the golden standard for European homes. This installation type provides maximum maintenance convenience and facilitates user access. To cater for the increasing demand VENTS has launched the new family of VUT V EC and VUT VB EC heat recovery supply and exhaust units.

The new models are available in three standard sizes with nominal air capacity of 180, 415 and 700 m3/h to meet diverse ventilation requirements – from compact flats to large private residences.

Every year the energy efficiency issue becomes ever more critical. Due to a host of energy-saving innovations this line of air handling units sets a new benchmark in terms heat recuperation reaching 98% surpassing many comparable units from reputable European brands.

The company invested an extra deal of effort into the unit design. Although the new touch-screen control panel (А14) made of white glass has remarkably pure and simple lines it will perfectly fit into a variety of modern interior designs.

The units may be upgraded to the A11 touch-screen control panel to meet most exacting user expectations.

To ensure maximum occupant comfort the VENTS VUT 350 VB EC and VUT 550 VB EC units feature a 100% bypass which becomes indispensable during the warm season when no heat recovery is needed.

The versatile casing enables either left-hand or right-hand mounting configuration being a matter of simply swapping the front and rear panels. Such versatility helps to optimise commercial partner stocks and facilitate the installation process while renovating residential buildings.

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