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New VUT R Heat Pump Supply and Exhaust Units

The absence of centralised ventilation and air-conditioning systems is often addressed with partial solutions – for example, a bathroom exhaust fan for passable air exchange and an air-conditioning unit for air cooling. Being better than nothing, such a solution is far from perfect.

An air-conditioning unit cannot provide any fresh air by definition since its capabilities are limited to room air temperature control. Similarly, a ubiquitous bathroom exhaust fan installed in a bathroom and responsible only for stale air extraction has little to do with fresh air supply and ensuring natural air exchange in the entire residence.

These are only a few of the many shortcomings, but instead of dwelling on the downsides to such a stop-gap approach why not focus on some alternatives?

One of such solutions is replacing a separate fan, air-conditioning unit, ventilator and a heater required in the cold season with an integrated heat pump supply and exhaust unit to handle all the tasks at hand.

The new VUT R TN EC supply and exhaust units have all the necessary functions to create a favourable microclimate and ensure proper air exchange. Such units could be the first step towards increasing occupant comfort in residential buildings as well as small commercial spaces and offices.

The VUT R TN EC are fully-featured air-handling units capable of not only heating or cooling air, but also filtering the impurities as well as supplying fresh air or removing stale air from the premises.

What makes the VUT R TN EC units quite unique is the heat pump and rotary heat exchanger combination. The beauty of the setup lies in the efficiency of the rotary heat exchanger capable of transferring up to 85% of the energy contained in the stale exhaust air to the fresh supply air. In turn the heat pump uses a part of the exhaust air thermal energy to maintain the desired temperature level as set by the user. This solution suitable for both cold and warm seasons sets a new benchmark in energy efficiency and helps to cut down on energy waste.

The stellar energy-saving performance of the VUT R TN EC series also stems from their cutting-edge ЕС motors offering 90% power efficiency.

The new combined supply and exhaust units are available in two variants: the VUT R TN EH EC with an electric supply air pre-heater and the VUT R TN H EC without any air pre-heating facilities. Thus, the VUT R TN EH EC would produce sufficient heat even on coldest winter days whereas the VUT R TN H EC would be a smart choice for a milder climate.

Our VENTS engineers invested an extra deal of their time into a convenient automatic control system for the VUT R TN EH EC and VUT R TN H EC enabling quick and easy access to all the vital operation parameters.

The automatic control system is accessed via either of the two control panels available which differ in functionality in design.

Панель управления А17                                      Панель управления А18

The biggest strength of the VUT R TN EH EC and VUT R TN H EC units lies in their versatility as each model offers an array of functions:

  • “Cooling” mode for preventing the air temperature from going over the pre-set level;
  • “Heating” mode for maintaining the air temperature above the pre-set minimum level;
  • “Ventilation” mode for hassle-free supply and exhaust ventilation of the premises;
  • “Heat Recovery” mode utilizing the built-in heat exchanger for maintaining the pre-set air temperature.

The intelligent control system designers deserve extra credit for incorporating a host of technological innovations for maximum optimisation of the unit performance in accordance with the individual user’s needs under the existing environmental conditions.

The multi-layered protection is built into the core of the intelligent unit control architecture. For example, the “Smart Safe” technology protects the unit from running under conditions outside the safe operational envelope. The “Heat Pump Protection” technology protects the heat pump from the effects of excessively low or high pressure by overriding too frequent ON/OFF cycling as well as keeps the compressor temperature under control eliminating any potential emergencies which may lead to the heat pump failure. Furthermore, the system designers have safeguarded the unit against power failures by adding the “Autorestart” technology which saves all the user-defined settings.

The units also incorporate the “Ozone Protection” technology which relies on R410A cooling agent as the heat pump working fluid offering exceptional thermodynamic properties without depleting the ozone layer.

In line with the company’s commitment to users’ comfort the unit comes with the “Low Noise” technology – a combination of engineering and technical solutions aimed at reducing the unit noise during operation. The comfort level is further enhanced by means of “CO2 Control” and “RH Control” functions for maintaining the CO2 and moisture level control under the user-defined threshold.

Modern state-of-the-art ventilation equipment has a steep learning curve and requires considerable time to fully familiarize with the entire functionality. However, the new VUT units benefit from the nifty shortcut called “Simple Use”. The units are supplied ready for operation and do not require any special training due to a clean-cut user-friendly interface while the installation and maintenance costs are reduced to a bare minimum.

And last, but not least, the smart automatic control system incorporates the “Save Energy” technology for dramatic energy savings resulting from the following factors:

  • Flexible electric heater operation management (only applicable to VUT R TN EH EC);
  • Built-in high-performance heat pump;
  • Heat exchanger operation control;
  • Adjustable fan speed;
  • Improved thermal insulation of the inflow chamber;
  • Intelligent-vents-software for optimum unit performance.

The VUT R TN EH EC and VUT R TN H EC significantly reduce the loads on the existing heating or cooling systems while creating an ideal indoor climate.

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