1.11.2016 New products

New standard sizes for VENTS ТТ Silent-M series of noise-insulated fans

We are very happy to announce new additions to our range of high-performance silent-running VENTS ТТ Silent-M fans now available in three new sizes: 350 mm, 400 mm and 450 mm.

In today’s world our ears sustain regular abuse from a multitude of noises while our body does not always get the ideal amount of oxygen for sustaining its normal functions. These factors negatively affect human health and the general state of well-being causing frequent headaches, nervous strain and easy fatigability. The TT Silent-M duct fan series was created to help create a healthy and comfortable environment for work, study and relaxing.


The VENTS ТТ Silent-M family models are available in standard sizes from 100 to 450 mm with maximum air capacity up 6,510 m3/h. VENTS ТТ Silent-M fans are capable of providing high air pressure and abundant fresh air supply while keeping noise under control – from 23 to 40 dB(А) while running. This corresponds to the natural ambient noise which makes people feel comfortable.


The external casing is made of steel with a polymer coating. The fans are equipped with a DC EC motor for efficient operation. These motors combine high performance and optimum control over the entire speed range. The motor efficiency reaches 90 %. The fans meet most stringent energy-efficiency requirements and are ERP 2016 compliant.



The fan casing has mounting brackets for convenient mounting to the floor, walls or ceiling. VENTS ТТ Silent-М fans can be equipped with an adjustable timer to delay deactivation in the range from 2 to 30 minutes (optional «Т») and an electronic temperature and speed module (optional «U») for automatic air flow rate adjustment depending on the temperature in the ventilation duct or in the serviced space.

For more information about all the advantages of the TT Silent-M family click here.

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