10.07.2013 New products

New: AOE air heating units with electric heater

New VENTS AOE air heating units with electric heaters is designed for air warming up in industrial workshops, car repair shops, washbays, garages, car showrooms, stocks, shopping centers, super – and hypermarkets, shops, sport halls, conference and exhibition halls, cattle and poultry farms, greenhouses and other large premises.

Due to the integrated electric heater the VENTS AOE unit is able to provide quick air heating and the fan and the louvre shutters are used to distribute air flow to a required area.

The air heating unit is controlled with the UET-15D or UET-30D control units (special accessories).

The control unit is designed for joint operation with the TST-1-300 digital thermostats with sensor display available in TSTD-1-300 modification with a remote control panel, RTS-1-400 modification with a LCD display or RTSD-1-400 modification with a remote control panel. The thermostats are designed for indoor temperature control and selection of the most suitable operation mode of the AOE units. Available upon separate order.

The AOE unit is designed for vertical installation on the walls or columns or horizontal installation on the ceiling or beams. The unit is fixed with special mounting accessories, including MKP-AOW mounting angles, MK-AOW 25 / MK-AOW 45 mounting brackets and MKU-AOW 25 / MKU –AOW 45 multi-angle brackets (special accessories).

For more detailed information about the VENTS AOE unit product refer to our website, the product catalogue “Air heating systems”.

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