9.12.2020 Production news

VENTS ventilation equipment ensures fresh air supply in a new business centre

Ventilation products of “Ventilation Systems” company have been installed in yet another large business centre in the capital of Ukraine. AirVENTS air handling units with heat recovery ensure supply of fresh air and exhaust of used air in RichPort Business Centre.

Design and installation companies carrying out designing of engineering systems of large construction projects continue to choose Vents equipment. RichPort, the new Business Centre located near Poshtova Square in Kyiv, is yet another large facility where ventilation system is implemented based on AirVENTS air handling units. In particular, this facility utilises AirVENTS AV12 units with air flow capacity of 12,000 m3/h each, AirVENTS AV09 (9,000 m3/h) and AirVENTS AV04 (4,000 m3/h).

RichPort BC was commissioned this year and from the very start it was included into the list of most state-of-the-art and appealing business centres in Kyiv. The total floor area of the building is over 12,000 m2. The facility is a premium class office complex with a focus on customers with increased demands in terms of comfort. Sophisticated finish materials here are in a perfect union with the most innovative technical and technology solutions. The business centre boasts a helipad on the roof, terraces on each floor, two-level automated parking space for 98 parking lots that allows using the parking space in the most efficient way, and many other features. High demands are also set towards the ventilation system, which must ensure high performance, energy-efficiency, exact control over the set air quality parameters, high heat recovery ratio with the utilisation of heat exchangers, while being easy to operate and maintain. Such demands are fully met by AirVENTS air handling units.

Vents ventilation equipment installed in the business centre is characterised by low power consumption and corresponds to “A” SEC class. All units are equipped with rotary heat exchangers with high efficiency, which allow maintaining a comfortable air temperature and humidity level, as well as with fine air filters. Particularly worth mentioning is the convenience of the use of the air handling units: Vents offered a comprehensive solution that involved the supply of the ventilation equipment along with an automated control system. Automatic controls installed in a metal cabinets with А18 external control panels ensure the most reliable and uninterrupted operation of the ventilation equipment.

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