23.08.2018 Production news

VENTS adopts international standard for quality management systems

“Ventilation Systems” remains committed to carrying out operations and setting up business processes using the latest technology in accordance with all the relevant regulations and standards with regards to quality. To ensure proper quality compliance of its production facilities “Ventilation Systems” carried out a scheduled quality management system audit in accordance with the updated ISO 9001:2015 quality standard and successfully received the respective certificate.

The ISO 9001:2015 certificate is a document issued by the International Organisation for Standardisation which confirms the successful implementation and functioning of quality management systems in organisations.  The first edition of the standard was published in 1987.  Since then more than one million quality certificates have been issued to companies from over one hundred countries.

Some of the key updates in ISO 9001:2015 include the introduction of new terminology, restructuring some of the information, and changes to the quality management principles which underlie the requirements. In the standar. There is also an emphasis on risk-based thinking to enhance the application of the process-based approach to risk management enabling the organisation to identify factors which may have an adverse effect on reaching its goals, apply preventive management methods to mitigate the negative effects, and put the available resources and capabilities to the best possible use.

Here are some of the key improvements in the new version of the quality management standard:

– Updated structure for improved harmonisation with other standards and management systems
– Process-based approach to documenting and reviewing the structure, responsibilities, and procedures as well as extensive use of PDCA – Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology
– Emphasis on risk-based thinking
– Increased involvement of top management in the functioning of the quality management system
– Increased responsibility for the quality management system within the organisation
– Increased importance attributed to performance data monitoring

By implementing ISO 9001 and its subsequent updates “VENTS” aims to ensure that its customers consistently receive high quality products and services. The company also strives to facilitate reaching its goals with regards to customer satisfaction and improve the effectiveness of risk analysis and activities to further the company’s business goals.

The successful quality management system audit in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard yet again confirmed the long-term commitments of “Ventilation System” to making high-quality products to meet the needs of its target audience. The company also regularly holds training workshops to raise employee awareness of quality management principles, requirements and procedures.

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