7.05.2019 Production news

A new coat of paint for VENTS ventilation products

As VENTS products are steadily becoming more and more popular worldwide, “Ventilation systems” is investing resources into expanding the capacity of its production facilities and upgrading its equipment. Following the recent launch of a new production area at the injection moulding shop the company has just opened a new paint shop, which marks an important milestone for “Ventilation Systems”. 

Before the new paint shop took shape the company used to operate three paint areas: one automatic powder coating area and two manual paint areas with two single-operator spraying machines. Over the last two years the company’s painted surface demand area grew two-fold. A substantial increase in production necessitated an expansion of paint facilities which eventually led to the launch of a new paint shop.

The new production area is fitted with a state-of-the-art automatic powder coating system by Gema. This all-round solution provides pre-treatment of surfaces, power coat application and subsequent curing in the polymerisation oven. The line will be used for coating components of the company’s industrial ventilation products and single-block air handling units. The new paint shop is expected to help boost to the total painted surface capacity up to 130 000 m2 per month.

In addition to other benefits, the new line enables painting of articles up to 2 m in length which account for a large part of the company’s range. Compared to the existing automatic paint line the new equipment suite offers a new level of automation, a step up in capacity and performance as well as significant improvements in pre-painting treatment quality and electricity consumption. With the new system colour changeover requires only 15 to 20 minutes. The new paint area is strategically placed near the metal processing shop to facilitate and speed up transportation and handling of semi-finished articles to be painted.

The opening of the new paint shop marks an important phase in the development of “Vents”. Not only will it help the company to boost the number of painted articles per unit time, but it will also bring tangible improvements in the quality of the finished products for the end customer.

The head of the new paint shop Vasiliy Kovalenko is checking the new equipment for operational readiness.

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