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VENTS at the exhibition Aqua-Therm Kiev 2013: new energy products

Traditionally the middle of May in Kiev was marked by Aqua-Therm Kiev 2013, the largest Ukrainian HVAC exhibition. This time the exhibition stand gathered 635 companies from 28 countries from all over the world.

For the 15th year in a row Aqua-Therm remains the main meeting point for all the worldwide producers, distributors and consumers of engineering equipment. As of today the exhibition is included into top-10 of profiled European branches in Europe, along with ISH (Frankfurt/Main), MCE (Milan), Climatización (Madrid), Chillventa (Nurenberg) and other largest HVAC events.

VENTS annually participates in Aqua-Therm Kiev to offer our national and international experts the possibility to see with their own eyes the latest ventilation and air conditioning innovative developments. This year the company focused a special attention on new energy saving products that are used for arrangement of various climatic systems in various premises.

The exhibited VENTS products included:

  • Air handling unit AirVents AVU 03 with air capacity up to 3 000 m3/h. The modular unit design enables to select the best configuration of the air handling unit that suits customer operating conditions. Currently we have got an experience of developing individual sets for the AirVents units with air capacity up to 65 000 m3/h to suit the specific engineering project needs. We are positive that is not our limit.

  • The VUT R 400 TN EC air handling unit with a rotary heat exchanger, heat pump, energy saving EC motor as well as new integrated automation for multiple automatic control and regulation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. The new unit enables not only efficient extract air heat and cold recovery due to a rotary heat exchanger but cooling or heating of supply air flow to the room temperature. This way the VUT R 400 TN EC unit combines ventilation, heating and air conditioning functions. Due to this functionality the new unit is the ideal climatic solution for commercial and industrial premises.

  • The compact suspended air handling unit with heat recovery and electric heater VUT PE EC Comfo plus in sound- and heat-insulated casing with air capacity up to 1100 m3/h. Due to the counter-flow inline polystyrene heat exchanger the unit heat recovery efficiency reaches 90%. The VUT PE EC Comfo plus unit is equipped with a remote control panel with a colorful sensor display which is used to set the unit operating parameters and arrange automatic controllable ventilation.
  • The air heating (cooling) unit VENTS AOE with electric heater for heating of various premises. To enable multiple control of operation modes of the air heating units we have developed the new automation units UET-15D or UET -30D with a digital thermostat of TST-1-300 series with a sensor display or RTS-1-400 with a LCD display (separate accessory).

  • The inline TT Silent-M mixed-flow fan series in a special sound-insulated casing with air capacity up to 1950 m3/h. The outer casing is made of polymer-coated steel and the specially designed perforation of the internal casing enables sound attenuation in a broad frequency band. The new TT Silent-M fans are available in the standard sizes from 100 up to 315 mm and may be equipped with a number of extra control options.
  • The new single-room ventilators with energy regeneration Twin Fresh Comfo, now fitted with a remote controller and speed switches on the unit casing. The new products are features with a simple and convenient plug-n-play design: after the ventilator installation you only have to insert the power plug into the socket to get the unit ready for operation.
  • Sensor speed controller SRS-1 for single-phase voltage-controlled motor speed control as well as sensor speed switch SP3-1 for multiple-speed motors switches.
  • Automatic control boards for automatic control of air supply units or air handing units as well as integration into board control systems, for example, SL-ELECTRIC application with an electric heater and SL-AQUA application with an electric heater.
  • Electrically driven KPO-A fire damper with a built-in return spring and a thermal switch with a duplicate protection for automatic shutoff of service openings and ventilation shafts as well as closing of air ducts.
  • The fire damper PL for round ducts is designed to prevent fire and smoke propagation in ventilation and air conditioning air ducts in case of fire.

Follow our news at the site. We keep you informed about the new VENTS products that were presented at Aqua-Therm Kiev 2013. As always, we thank all the event makers for the quality organization and we are grateful to all our guests and visitors for their interest, professionalism and friendly communication.

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