3.10.2017 Exhibitions

VENTS presents its latest products in Brazil

This September the “Ventilation Systems” team has been actively travelling the world to present the company’s products at a number of international exhibitions. The itinerary included the largest Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo which hosted the annual Febrava 2017 – the 21st international refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and air treatment fair from 12 through 15 September.

Brazil is much more than football, coffee, carnivals and beautiful people relaxing in the sun. It also has a highly developed economy with the strongest potential in the entire Latin America. Despite the declining levels of GDP in the last two years as well as the general isolation of the Brazilian economy the country’s market remains highly lucrative for many leading international producers of goods.  By attracting numerous world-famous brands including VENTS Febrava 2017 fair once again demonstrated that Brazilian market still has a lot of potential.

The company’s products were presented by Novair Importação e Exportação of Brazil, the local partner and distributor of “Ventilation Systems“. The guests of the 66 square meter booth had a chance to see a wide selection of industrial and domestic fans, diffusers and command units, aluminium and polymer air ducts, as well as the company’s latest energy-efficient offerings such as VENTS VUE2 200 P suspended-mounted air handling unit in a heat and sound-insulated casing and VENTS TwinFresh single-room ventilators.

According to the partner company representatives, VENTS products garner heightened attention from industry experts despite spirited competition in the Brazilian HVAC-R market.  Hence, it was no surprise that the energy-saving equipment and single-room ventilation systems by VENTS were met with unabated interests by the visitors of Febrava 2017. This interest is largely related to the ubiquitous presence of many older residential complexes in the country where installation of new centralised ventilation systems is impractical or downright impossible. Therefore, VENTS TwinFresh ventilators are regarded as a convenient solution with a solid potential in the local market.

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