25.02.2016 Exhibitions

VENTS at VSK exhibition in Utrecht (the Netherlands)

From 2 through 5 February the Dutch city of Utrecht hosted VSK 2016 exhibition – the most important event for the heating, climate control and sanitary system industry in the Benelux area. This event sets the development vector as well as short and medium-term trends for the industry in the region. The exhibits are brought by some 250 manufacturers and distributors from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and others countries. Every year the event attracts more than 40,000 visitors. «Ventilation Systems» could not have missed this unique chance to present our own high-tech energy-saving solutions whose share in the company portfolio and diversity to cater for a variety of applications has been steadily growing.

The company booth featured an entire range of domestic, crossover and industrial ventilation equipment including both brand-new products and best-selling heat recovery supply and exhaust air handling units, air diffusers, PLASTIVENT rigid PVC air ducts and matching fittings as well as flexible and semi-flexible air ducts.

The MICRA and TwinFresh series single-room heat recovery air handling units stirred a keen interest among the visitors of VENTS booth. Besides proven efficiency and low energy consumption this equipment combines convenient installation, modern design and extended functionality. The TwinFresh built-in ceramic heat exchanger offers up to 90% heat recovery efficiency.

The company booth also featured a range of new products in the heat recovery centralised ventilation segment such as the VUT VB EC wall-mounted air handling units and the PVU VUT PB EC ceiling-mounted units. These high-performance supply and exhaust units provide a complete ventilation solution for houses and flats. Boasting an extremely compact footprint and outstanding energy efficiency these units provide fresh air supply, air filtration, pre-heating by means of the integral heat exchanger (recuperator), afterheating provided installation of the optional electric heater as well as stale air and excess moisture extraction from the serviced spaces. The units offer heat exchange efficiency up to 98%. The new offerings from VENTS also included collapsible PVC ducts and floor-embedded semi-rigid ducts.

Following the latest market trends and responding to the consumer demand for integrated energy-saving technology VENTS has presented the AirVENTS modular air handling units designed to reduce operation costs as well as boost air capacity and ventilation efficiency in large spaces and buildings.

The VENTS booth attracted a steady flow of distribution, sales and ventilation system installation professionals resulting in more than a hundred exciting new contacts. The booth visitors highly appreciated the commitment of VENTS to innovation, staying in line with the latest trends and offering a diverse range of models, accessories and ventilation equipment components to build highly customised integrated solutions for various HVAC applications. By and large the company is quite satisfied with the results due to the numerous promising contacts with new clients in high-priority market segments such as HVAC, single-space heat recovery ventilation solutions, and gaining an insight into the latest offerings from the main players in the Dutch and Belgian markets, their product ranges and development trends. In addition to that the company held talks with a number of existing clients which resulted in important agreements on extending the cooperation.

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