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Interview with Pyotr Singayevsky, the director of company “Belvest Trade”

06 March 2017

Ukraine is going through some challenging times. A lingering economic downturn has had an adverse effect on every single industry without an exception, and that, unfortunately, had a toll on the HVAC industry as well. How is the ventilation industry coping? We addressed this and many other questions to Pyotr Singayevsky

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21 Feb 2017

A year of lean production at VENTS: unleashing the hidden reserves

VENTS continues to actively implement the lean production concept by optimising all the production processes, boosting their efficiency and improving the quality of the company’s products.

1 Feb 2016

VENTS joins Eurovent International Association

At the beginning of 2016 VENTS signed a cooperation agreement with Eurovent (European Association of Air Handling and Refrigerating Equipment Manufacturers).

26 Jan 2016

VENTS equipment fleet gets upgraded with a new multi-functional processing centre

Each year “VENTILATION SYSTEMS” makes remarkable progress in boosting the production output, diversifying the product range, reducing the production time per unit and increasing the product quality.

13 Jul 2015

VENTS – adapting future technology to the needs of today

Every year brings more and more technology advances and innovations, new product offerings and product quality improvements.

22 Jun 2015

MICRA 150 E: cleans the air and saves the heat

MICRA 150 E single-room air-handling unit is the most cost-efficient solution for clean fresh air supply into spaces up to 60 m2.

22 Jun 2015

TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50: climate control for a comfortable home

Spending too much time indoors often makes us feel tired or low on energy.  This is generally caused by poor air exchange.

10 Apr 2015

VENTS development milestones

Over the last 15 years VENTS has reached numerous heights and gained a huge experience.

10 Apr 2015

VENTS celebrates the 15th anniversary!

15 years of fresh air together with VENTS.

3 Nov 2014

Kiev University of Construction and Architecture Contest Awards Have Found their Winners!

We are extremely pleased to finally announce the winners in the contest for the best course project based on modern ventilation equipment by VENTS.