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VENTS 100 Quiet-Style A – intellectual fan for bathroom, kitchen and living room

VENTS 100 Quiet-Style A is an intellectual domestic fan for shower rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other domestic spaces. Minimalistic design of the fan would suit any type of interior.

Casing, impeller and front panels are made of durable plastic that is resistant to ultraviolet. Therefore, fan will neither change it’s colour nor deform over time. It is compatible with Ø 100 mm air ducts and suitable both for wall and ceiling mounting.

VENTS 100 Quiet-Style A has IP 45 protection rating. The fan is protected against small (less than 1 mm) objects that may harm it by falling inside. Also, protection against water and humidity makes it a good choice for bathroom or kitchen.

The fan’s motor is aimed at stable, quiet and energy saving performance. It combines low energy demand (7.5 W) and low noise level that is provided by anti-vibration dampers. Maintenance-free bearings contain enough grease for 40 000 hrs of non-stop operation. Motor is equipped with overheating protection.

VENTS 100 Quiet-Style A can be controlled by a room light switch, built-in pull cord or thyristor speed controller. Also, you can connect it to the electronic control unit BU-1-60, timer T or combined humidity sensor and timer TH that automatically turns on the fan in case certain humidity level is exceeded.

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