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Updated VENTS VUT H EC air handling unit series

VENTS company keeps ongoing works to create new models and update the existing ventilation product range. Implementation of the leading technological innovations and use of the leading worldwide experience in the ventilation market let us regularly produce new products and update the existing products.

Now VENTS is pleased to offer the updated model range of the VUT H EC air handling units with heat recovery.

VUT H EC series units are the ready to use ventilation units for fresh air filtration and supply and extraction of the stale. The units are designed for various premises.

The unit product range includes the models VUT 300 H EC with air capacity up to 300 m3/h, VUT 400 H EC with air capacity up to 400 m3/h и VUT 800 H EC with air capacity up to 812 m3/h.

New frameless casing of the VUT H EC units is made of zinc aluminum and has internal 25 mm mineral wool heat- and sound-insulating layer. The filters are accessible for servicing and cleaning through the service panel which can be installed both on the left and on the right side along supply air direction.

High performance and low noise level of the VUT H EC units is attained due to modern high-efficient EC motors with external rotor. The VUT 300 H EC and VUT 400 H EC units are equipped with constant flow fans and impellers with forward curved blades. These fans provide set air flow even during variable air resistance in the air ducts, for example, in case of filter clogging. The VUT 800 H EC units have a fans with backward curved blades.

Due to the new enlarged heat exchangers the heat recovery efficiency reaches from 86 up to 98% for the VUT 300 H EC and VUT 400 H EC models and from 81 up to 98% for the VUT 800 H EC models.

The updated VUT H EC series units are available with two automations types:

  • The basic VUT H EC modification with the P-1/010 speed controller for EC motors with control voltage 0-10 V.

  • The new VUT H EC Comfo modification with updated automation and expanded control functions. All the VUT H EC Comfo models have a control panel with a LCD display and a remote controller.

Automation functions:

  • Turning the unit on/off from the control panel.
  • Three fan speeds, each of those is adjustable individually for the supply and extract fan.
  • Terminal for air damper connection;.
  • Input for alarm signal from the firefighting system.
  • Relay input for connection of a CO2 / humidity / IAQ or any other sensor that switches the unit to maximum speed.
  • Filter clogging control by motor hour meter.
  • Unit week schedule setting.

The unit is designed for wall mounting with a wall bracket, installation on the floor or suspended ceiling mounting. Any mounting position must enable condensate drainage and removal.

The offered options for the VUT H EC units include a supply F7 filter, a summer block that enables unit operation with no heat recovery and several mounting and electric accessories.

For more detailed information about the updated VUT H EC air handling units refer to our website. Contact your dealers and sellers for VENTS products.

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