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TwinFresh Comfo SA-35 Ventilators – a perfect solution for comfortable microclimate in your home

14 January 2016

VENTS TwinFresh Comfo SA-35 ventilators are economical, energy-conserving and highly efficient (the reheat factor is up to 90%).

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22 Dec 2015

TwinFresh Solar SA-60 – an eco-friendly solution from VENTS

TwinFresh Solar ventilators run on solar energy generated by a solar-cell panel thus eliminating the need for any other energy sources.

21 Dec 2015

TwinFresh SA-60 single-room ventilator – an energy-efficient solution from VENTS

This video focuses on the advantages of ventilators with built-in heat exchangers.

14 Dec 2015

VENTS TwinFresh Comfo RА-35 – fresh air with the windows closed

VENTS TwinFresh Comfo RA-35 is a highly efficient combined supply and exhaust ventilation unit for enclosed spaces in flats, houses or offices.

28 Sep 2015

New ventilation for the new school year

Within the framework of “Thermal loss minimization and energy efficiency improvement for secondary educational institutions” project initiated by the Kyiv City State Administration VENTS supplied modern energy-efficient ventilation systems for installation in “Naukova Zmina” lyceum (Darnitsky District of Kyiv) by 1 September.

22 Jun 2015

TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50: climate control for a comfortable home

Spending too much time indoors often makes us feel tired or low on energy.  This is generally caused by poor air exchange.

25 Feb 2014

Updated catalogue of TwinFresh single-room energy saving ventilators

Read the updated catalogue of the VENTS TwinFresh single-room energy saving ventilators with energy regeneration.

18 Feb 2014

New! Eco ventilator TwinFresh Solar with a solar panel

New single-room ventilators with energy regeneration TwinFresh Solar are the unique air handling units powered by solar energy.

22 Oct 2012

VENTS TwinFresh ventilators – danger of the tricky radon gas

The problem of acute radon concentration is up-to-date in many countries of the world.