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“Plastivent” asymmetrical reducer for round air ducts – a new addition to the VENTS line

07 October 2015

No matter how wide the VENTS product range, there is always a space for a new arrival – this time an asymmetrical reducer.

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6 Aug 2015

Factory evolution: the plastic injection moulding shop

At the moment VENTS is worldwide acknowledged ventilation leader. The company employs about 2,500 persons and has 16 state-of-the-art production shops – each one enough to build a separate factory around.

28 Jul 2015

Plastic inspection doors by VENTS – an innovative approach to engineering communications

Metal inspection doors have an extremely long history of being a de-facto standard for arranging convenient access to hidden communications and components. Enters VENTS with an innovative alternative

27 May 2015

VENTS upgrades production facility with Mitsubishi EA V next-generation die-sinking EDM systems

Exacting demands to VENTS products stimulate the company to constantly keep track of the scientific advances, upgrade the production facilities and employ the cream of the crop among highly qualified specialists. And we actually got quite good at it.

20 Jan 2015

Lean Production by Peter Willats

The drive for improvement has long become an integral part of the VENTS team.

6 Jan 2015

The New Arrivals: VUT 160 V EC, VUT 350 VB EC and VUT 550 VB EC Supply and Exhaust Units

Wall-mounted ventilation units installed in kitchens and utility rooms have recently become the golden standard for European homes.

6 Nov 2014


From 22 through 25 October the Azerbaijani capital Baku hosted the 20th anniversary BAKUBUILD international expo.

8 Jul 2014

VENTS Opens a New Industrial and Logistics Complex

No modern home can do without a domestic fan. This indispensable element of a bathroom, toilet or kitchen does the routine, but extremely important job of getting rid of stale air and unpleasant odours.

25 Jul 2013

Updated VENTS air distribution units catalogue

We are glad to offer you the updated VENTS air distribution unit catalogue at our website, Downloads.

23 Jul 2013

DPM access door – new series for ceiling mounting

New DPM access door is designed to enable easy access to units and utilities behind a suspended ceiling.