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Meet VK PS booster fan, the efficient fan for clothes dryers

29 November 2016

Today in our review we tell you about the advantages of the inline fan for drying machines VENTS VK PS

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1 Nov 2016

New standard sizes for VENTS ТТ Silent-M series of noise-insulated fans

We are very happy to announce new additions to our range of high-performance silent-running VENTS ТТ Silent-M fans

7 Oct 2016

VENTS Quietline 150: a new silent duct fan

This video review is dedicated to VENTS Quietline 150 – a new duct fan which offers an excellent combination of performance and noise control.

16 Jun 2016

VENTS Quietline – a low-noise energy-efficient performer

The new VENTS Quietline axial duct fans for supply or exhaust ventilation systems with maximum air capacity up to 375 m3/h

13 Jun 2016

VENTS VPVO air pressurization fans: your safety is our concern!

VENTS introduces a new family of VPVO axial smoke extractor fans with the air capacity of up to 41,000 m3/h.

24 May 2016

VENTS partner JULIEN STILE attends ROMTHERM 2016 expo

JULIEN STILE company which rebranded into JULIEN EXPERT in 2014 has been an exclusive distributor of VENTS products in Romania for over 10 years.

24 May 2016

Review of VENTS Quiet-S. Mounting and wiring of a low-noise fan with updated design and more comfortable operation

VENTS Quiet-S is another representative of the low-noise energy saving ventilation from VENTS.

19 May 2016

The NEW VENTS VK EC is a winning combination of efficiency and economy

VENTS has recently updated its family of centrifugal axial fans with a new model equipped with an energy-saving EC motor in a plastic casing.

14 Apr 2016

VENTS congratulates the winners of 2016 All-Ukrainian Student Academic Olympics

For many years VENTILATION SYSTEMS has been actively supporting youth initiatives which resulted in a fruitful collaboration with leading Ukrainian colleges and universities.

28 Mar 2016

VENTS pays a visit to International Hardware Fair (Cologne, Germany)

In the beginning of March the VENTS embarked on a journey to Cologne, one of Germany’s major economic and cultural hubs to take part in the International Hardware Fair 2016.