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Latest ventilation solutions by VENTS for Central Asia

31 October 2016

In the first two weeks of September “VENTILATION SYSTEMS” took part in Aquatherm Almaty 2016, a large international exhibition which attracts major HVAC industry players from Kazakhstan and abroad.

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13 Jun 2016

VENTS VPVO air pressurization fans: your safety is our concern!

VENTS introduces a new family of VPVO axial smoke extractor fans with the air capacity of up to 41,000 m3/h.

17 May 2016

Review of VENTS QUIET-Style domestic fan. Mounting and wiring of the silent and energy saving fan

VENTS presents a new series of the axial low-noise fans QUIET-Style.

28 Mar 2016

VENTS pays a visit to International Hardware Fair (Cologne, Germany)

In the beginning of March the VENTS embarked on a journey to Cologne, one of Germany’s major economic and cultural hubs to take part in the International Hardware Fair 2016.

29 Jan 2016

VENTS Quiet-STYLE and Quiet-S: a winning combination of style and occupant comfort

VENTS, a recognized leader in the ventilation market, presents a new family of low-noise axial fans – Quiet-STYLE and Quiet-S.

18 Jan 2016

VENTS Lumis: the fan that shines!

VENTS, the ventilation industry leader, is happy to introduce its new product, the Lumis 100 axial fan with its exclusive built-in lighting – a unique feature in the Ukrainian market.

12 Dec 2012

VENTS 125 MTH fan connection

In the instruction video we tell how to connect and adjust the domestic fan VENTS 125 MTH with a timer and a humidity sensor.

1 Oct 2012

New size of the axial VENTS OV 4D 550 fans

We have implemented a new dimension type for OV axial low-pressure three-phase fans with four poles with the spigot dimension 550 mm.

6 Apr 2011

Fan installation in a bathroom

Connection example of the low-noise axial fan VENTS Silenta-S in a bathroom.

12 Nov 2010

Control unit for axial fan

A control unit  for a domestic fan is a device that has all the required control options: humidity relay, photo sensors, motion sensors and a timer.