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TwinFresh Comfo SA-35 Ventilators – a perfect solution for comfortable microclimate in your home

14 January 2016

VENTS TwinFresh Comfo SA-35 ventilators are economical, energy-conserving and highly efficient (the reheat factor is up to 90%).

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22 Dec 2015

TwinFresh Solar SA-60 – an eco-friendly solution from VENTS

TwinFresh Solar ventilators run on solar energy generated by a solar-cell panel thus eliminating the need for any other energy sources.

21 Dec 2015

TwinFresh SA-60 single-room ventilator – an energy-efficient solution from VENTS

This video focuses on the advantages of ventilators with built-in heat exchangers.

14 Dec 2015

VENTS TwinFresh Comfo RА-35 – fresh air with the windows closed

VENTS TwinFresh Comfo RA-35 is a highly efficient combined supply and exhaust ventilation unit for enclosed spaces in flats, houses or offices.

11 Dec 2015

MICRA 60 – an energy-efficient ventilation solution

If your recent redecoration project did not account for proper ventilation, look no further than MICRA 60.

15 Oct 2015

MICRA 150 E with heat recovery is a complete ventilation solution

This video covers the benefits offered by MICRA 150 E air handling unit.

22 Jun 2015

MICRA 150 E: cleans the air and saves the heat

MICRA 150 E single-room air-handling unit is the most cost-efficient solution for clean fresh air supply into spaces up to 60 m2.

22 Jun 2015

TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50: climate control for a comfortable home

Spending too much time indoors often makes us feel tired or low on energy.  This is generally caused by poor air exchange.

27 Apr 2015

TT Silent – the ideal bathroom ventilation solution

Excessive humidity in the bathroom is harmful for human beings and for construction materials. So, quality and efficient ventilation in the bathroom is a must.

10 Apr 2015

VENTS development milestones

Over the last 15 years VENTS has reached numerous heights and gained a huge experience.