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KSB K2. A sound-insulated fan that will blow your mind

Each decision to develop a new fan is based on feedback from our customers who want their fans not higher, not lower, not bigger, and not smaller – and the list goes on and on. Some might call it a tall order, but we at VENTS always rise to the challenge of building an outstanding product.

Introducing KSB K2 – a new series of duct noise-insulated fans in a rectangular casing.

The new models is an extension of the KSB line with a twist.

Let’s take a closer look.

Casing. The new model benefits from new basalt fibre insulation. Unlike conventional insulation materials basalt fibre has a much lower degree of shrinkage as well as higher resistance to high temperature, vapour (condensate-free) and chemicals – not to mention that it is non-combustible.

The perforations in the internal metal surfaces of the casing improve sound absorption and attenuate the noise.


Service panel. In KSB K2 fans the panel is secured to the casing with spring latches. This tool-free solution enables quick inspection and maintenance.

Motor. The aerodynamic characteristics of fans are only as good as their motors. KSB K2 fans feature new energy-efficient asynchronous motors with backward curved blades for outstanding performance.

Standard sizes. Compared to the predecessor KSB K2 model is offered in a wider range of standard sizes. The new model will fit a variety of ventilation systems with air ducts from 100 to 500 mm in diameter.

Technical data

  • Model: KSB K2
  • Air duct compatibility: from 100 to 500 mm
  • Power output: 58-780 W
  • Air capacity: 285 – 7,000 m3/h
  • Sound pressure level: 34 -54 dB(А)
  • Air pressure (rated): 900 Pa
  • SEC class: C


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