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MVVM 162 – installation at height made easy!

12 April 2017

WHAT:  MVVM 162 vent cap with hood prevents precipitation and large foreign objects from entering the air duct from outdoors.

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3 Apr 2017

VENTS Style Eco – a silent fan with a big potential

Statistically about 4 years of people’s lives are spent in bathrooms. To make this experience as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible we have developed the silent-running Style Eco fan.

3 Mar 2017

VENTS presents “Completed Projects” catalogue

After 20 years in business the market share of VENTS has reached over 10 % of the global ventilation market. Today the company has a vast distributor network of 120 representative offices in 90 countries worldwide.

14 Nov 2016

PLASTIFLEX system of folding air ducts – a new arrival from VENTS

VENTS is constantly improving the product range to offer the market and consumers the best engineering solutions.

1 Nov 2016

New standard sizes for VENTS ТТ Silent-M series of noise-insulated fans

We are very happy to announce new additions to our range of high-performance silent-running VENTS ТТ Silent-M fans

27 Oct 2016

VENTS presents the “Semi-rigid air ducts” catalogue

The FlexiVent modular air distribution system is one of the most recent products developed by VENTS.

15 Aug 2016

New arrival! D2 300×300 access doors

VENTS adds a new size to the access door line.

16 Jun 2016

VENTS Quietline – a low-noise energy-efficient performer

The new VENTS Quietline axial duct fans for supply or exhaust ventilation systems with maximum air capacity up to 375 m3/h

13 Jun 2016

VENTS VPVO air pressurization fans: your safety is our concern!

VENTS introduces a new family of VPVO axial smoke extractor fans with the air capacity of up to 41,000 m3/h.

19 May 2016

The NEW VENTS VK EC is a winning combination of efficiency and economy

VENTS has recently updated its family of centrifugal axial fans with a new model equipped with an energy-saving EC motor in a plastic casing.